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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Hey Now,
I’d like to welcome the new lodge and chapter officers for the 2017-2018 year and thank those that stayed on board. It’s not easy finding members to volunteer for these positions and it is sometimes a challenge to keep them interested. Take last year for instance, the lodge started with a full board that was attending the lodge meetings regularly. Towards the end of the 12-month term, we were lucky to get 5 or 6 officers in attendance; At one point we had to cancel a meeting because we didn’t have enough to make a quorum. I get it, our lives are busy and work schedules sometimes change, this goes for the membership as well. Most of our general meetings consist of just the officers of our lodge. The members seem to think they only need to attend meetings when they have a complaint. The general membership meetings are for the members to find out what’s going on in the lodge, what causes we are supporting, expenses the lodge may have, repairs needed, how the lodge is doing financially, what they can do to help, what committees need help, how we are helping the community, what Moose International or CNMA programs we are working on, and how membership numbers are doing, etc.
My point is, contrary to popular belief, the lodge social quarters is not the place to find out information about the lodge, it’s at the lodge’s general meetings where this information is provided. Does everyone know that this past year the lodge completed our 3-year commitment to the Moosehaven centennial project? Did You know, because our past Sunshine child, Donny, was able to return to his family, our lodge took on a new sunshine child, Jordan Novack? Several of our members have come together to volunteer as part of the flags over Manteca program, anyone interested in being included? Our lodge donated two dozen Tommy Moose dolls to the Shriners Hospitals this year, did you know? Last, but not least, have you heard, our lodge earned the 5-Star award?! Well you would know all this, and more, if you attended the general meetings. Let’s make a better attempt at attending these meetings this year.
I’m glad to report that as of April 26, 2018, our lodge membership is up 6 more members then we started with on May 1, 2017. Good job to all those members who went out and signed up new members during this past, “Plus One” membership campaign. This campaign is a year long effort, starting May 1st through April 30th of the following year, to increase our membership by one new member. We were successful for the 2017-2018 campaign and now it’s time to get back to work for the 2018-2019 campaign. Our membership is strong, we have a very nice lodge and I’m sure we can accomplish our membership goal again.
I look forward to seeing you around the lodge, at the lodge/chapter functions and at the meetings!

Ray Barajas
Lodge Administrator
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